Options and settings

Capitalize letters
Animate transitions
Highlight message
# Background color (           )
# Highlight color (sample)
# Normal color (sample)
# Message color (sample)
# Date color (sample)

Font family: .


Changing settings reformats the clock face.

Clock face size: rows by columns.

Include "minutes"
Show AM/PM
  Show date:
  In the show date string, [YYYY] = the year; [YY] = the year mod 100. [M] = the month (1-12); [0M] = zero padded; [MM] = space padded. [Month] = the month name; [MONTH] = capitalized. [D] = the day of the month [0D] = zero padded; [DD] = space padded. [Dow] = the day of the week; [DOW] = capitalized.

Names of months

Names of the days of the week

Redraw face even if no settings have changed.


Cannot create a clock face with the specified settings. Add more rows and/or columns, or reduce the number of words in the message text.

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